Style Code creates simple, purposeful design for delightfully practical digital products. Agency creative Mary Ann Dujardin partnered with business brain David Ashplant to launch the business in 2012. They believe that the most useful apps are the ones that are easy to use, and easy on the eyes. That’s why their iPad and iPhone apps are unfussy. Whether it’s a B2B or B2C product, the team has the chops to make it simply beautiful and instantly useful. To do this, they put the content first, and the controls second. Their combined expertise in brand identity and the technology sector has bolstered their shop to early success

Mary Ann Dujardin

CO-FOUNDER + creative director

Mary Ann Dujardin (aka MAD) has an eye for the aesthetic and the wiring of an entrepreneur. This veteran Fashion Art Director knows that beautiful design makes life more beautiful. This shines through in her 15+ years of UI/Design for major fashion/tech clients. Whether it’s print/digital ads, high-end photo shoots, packaging, videos or apps, her work draws people in. So, it’s no surprise that MAD has already been brought in to brand/launch two start-ups: a digital-signal tech company and a location-scouting search engine shop. Adding practicality to artistry, she’s as handy in Adobe CS6 Master Suite as she is in GitHub, resulting in one part creative guru, one part futurist.

David Ashplant

CO-FOUNDER + business sense

David Ashplant is the left brain of the design boutique. His expertise as a corporate lawyer for over 20 years was the perfect complement to Co-founder Mary Ann’s creative instincts. He puts his analytical skills to work helping companies negotiate IT and technology contracts, assessing new business opportunities, and evaluating acquisitions and joint ventures. With a strong foundation from the University of Cambridge, he has propelled his client needs with projects between the U.K., the U.S. and Europe. 


Extended Team


Style Code credits its success to its leadership and its team of world-class creative + tech talent. The beautiful, useful solutions they create are brought to life by industry-recognized writers, designers, coders and eyewear addicts. These combined skill sets and a proven team of advisors have resulted in best-in-class client work.