iBespectacled FAQs


iBespectacled FAQs

What is iBespectacled?

iBespectacled is an iPad App that gives eyewear retailers a competitive edge. It increases sales by enabling you to offer your customers a greatly enhanced experience for selecting eyewear. Plus, it helps you close the sale all for less than a pair of designer specs.

And here’s how: iBespectacled enables retailers to take photos and videos of customers, display the photos in different comparison formats and share shots via a customer’s email, Facebook, Twitter or as a print. After all: an iPad is portable; you no longer have to rely on an expensive technology or a fixed-point installation; you can go right up to where your customer is and engage them to make that sale. Most importantly, this personalized experience will cause customers to recommend your store to their friends, families and co-workers.

Can I customize iBespectacled?

Yes, the basic iBespectacled App allows you to add your Company Details in the Settings page and have them displayed on the photo and video watermark as well as in shared media. And for a truly custom experience, let Style Code tailor this app just for you. We offer a Custom/White Label version including a re-skin of the App with your name, and custom branding. Essentially giving you your own iPad App – at a fraction of the time, cost and fuss that comes with developing an iPad App. (To put it mildly.)

Learn more about Custom/White Label Apps.

Can I make volume purchases?

Yes. We recommend you score a Custom/White Label App version first. Especially if you wish to roll out the app across multiple stores. You can use Apple's Volume Purchasing for Business Program with a single transaction from an iTunes account. This is recommended for companies in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom. For companies in other countries, you can distribute iBespectacled across multiple iPads using a third-party partner such as Air Watch. Please contact us for a distribution license.

How do I take photos?

Select “new customer” from the home screen or select the camera icon to launch the camera. iBespectacled uses a standard iOS camera interface. When in camera mode, point your iPad at your customer, frame them in the guide,* and when ready, press the camera button on the side center. If you like the image select "use" to keep the photo or "retake" if want to try again. (*Read “PHOTO TIPS” on our Blog for tips on how to take spectacular customer photos & video.)

How do I view photos?

The photos that have been opted to use will appear in thumbnails in the lower-left corner of the screen. Tap a thumbnail (or select the Back button on the top of the screen) to exit camera mode and view photos. You’ll see large preview images. Feel free to swipe through them or tap thumbnails in the gallery at the bottom. Swipe and scroll through them as necessary. Tap on the thumbnail to enlarge.

In the full view, you may add comments, and select (heart) favorites or delete individual images.

How do I compare photos?

Tap a thumbnail to enlarge an image. Swipe to flip through images. To compare four photos at once, click on the “quad screen” icon in the lower-right corner. Then drag the thumbnails you want to compare into the four spaces. You may rearrange by dragging alternate thumbnails into desired places.

How do I take and view video?

You may take 10-second video clips. In camera mode, switch to video recording by pressing the “video” icon in the lower-right corner. Then frame your customer in the guide and tap the red record button on the side to begin recording. For best results, it’s best to ask your customer to give a warm smile and turn their head to three profiles: left, right and center. (*Read “PHOTO TIPS” on our Blog for tips on how to take spectacular customer photos & video.) To stop recording, just tap the red button , or wait until the 10-second automatic timeout).The video will automatically replay in preview and you will be asked whether you want to “use” or “retake.” To replay the video, simply select the thumbnail in the lower-left corner. This will take you to the full-screen preview. Tap the “play” triangle in the center of the image to play the video. To pause the video, tap in the center of frame. To resume, tap the frame again. Note: The frame that is paused will be used as the preview image.

How can my customer share photos or videos?

A customer may select video, individual images, or a gallery of 4 photos to share. Select the image or video to be shared and tap the share icon. If video is detected, then choose whether to share a still image or the video. To share a quad gallery, select the icon in the lower-right corner, and drag images into place. Select “share” and choose the mode of sharing your customer wants to use. Ready yourself for instant feedback. 

Are customer photos and video permanently stored?

No. iBespectacled is designed to be used in retail settings where it is undesirable to store a customer’s photos or video. iBespectacled is designed to temporarily store photos within the app. During each session, individual photos may be deleted. And all photos are automatically deleted when a “new customer” is selected and after a time of inactivity or when iPad is shut down.

Do I need connection to the Internet? 

iBespectacled’s basic camera and photo gallery features runs without an Internet connection. But, to share photos or videos and to view web links to our Blog and info pages a WiFi or data connection is required.